Psychology of Arab Management Thinking!

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Psychology of Arab Management Thinking!

Postby majidbooks » Thu Feb 28, 2013 2:31 am

Trafford Publishing USA Press Release

Majid Al Suleimany presents new study in Arab Management

‘Psychology of Arab Management Thinking’ offers firsthand look into Middle Eastern Thinking!

MUSCAT, Oman – In his new book “Psychology of Arab Management Thinking: Arabian Management Series” (published by Trafford Publishing), author and analyst Majid Al Suleimany explores the management styles that he believes helped lead to the events of Arab Spring.

“This is a no-punch-held-back book,” Al Suleimany says. “It critically reviews and assesses with deep soul searching analysis the management styles and approaches of the Arab world, especially in Gulf Cooperation Countries (GCC) vis-à-vis the international companies operating in the international arena.”

An excerpt from “Psychology of Arab Management Thinking”:

“As Arabs work is worshipped in our Religion – so what went wrong here? Especially in Management circles? Why are we behind the rest of the world, despite all our riches, potentials and resources?

This is a no punch held back, no barrels held, no stiff, no frills play – but to be as blunt, frank, open, honest and sincere as far as possible – so the book can be a learning experience and process for this generation – and future to come – especially after the recent Arab Spring uprisings!”

Al Suleimany knows his book fills a critical need. “Little is known of Arab management styles,” he says, “especially as written from the inside by an Arab himself as an experienced professional local HR and management expert, advisor and counselor.”

“Psychology of Arab Management Thinking”
By Majid Al Suleimany
Hardcover | 7 x 10 in | 486 pages | ISBN 9781426998065
Softcover | 7 x 10 in | 486 pages | ISBN 9781425182731
E-Book | 486 pages | ISBN 9781426982705
Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

About the Author

This is the first book under the Arab Management series by Majid Al Suleimany. His second book in the series, “A Cry for Help!” is also available. Both books predicted of the Arab Spring uprisings.

For more information about this or his other books, visit and
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