Second ACANS' Annual Symposium on Arab Canadian Studies

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Second ACANS' Annual Symposium on Arab Canadian Studies

Postby montada » Fri Oct 25, 2013 2:58 am


Below is the link to the call for papers of the Second ACANS' Annual Symposium on Arab Canadian Studies, York University, March 2014 ... sium-2014/

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Home/Land: Transnationalism, Identity, and Arab Canadians
Call for Papers
ACANS Second Symposium on Arab Canadian Studies
Founders College, York University, March 5th - 6th 2014
Last year, the First Symposium on Arab Canadian Studies (15-16th February 2013, U of Ottawa) was keen on mapping this new multidisciplinary field of scholarship. The contributions by scholars, writers and artists from Eastern and Western regions in Canada and the US dealt with the diverse concerns, experiences, representations, histories, and politics of Canadians who share the Arabic language as a common heritage.
This second edition of the symposium is also open to any scholarly contribution within the field. However, we would like to draw the contributors’ attention to this year’s theme: Home/Land.
Since the phrase “homeland security” became part of the daily lives of North Americans, the concepts of home, land and homeland regained ironic actuality in an era of post-identity and transnationalism. We welcome papers discussing the ways in which Arab Canadians envisage the countries of their ancestry and how they view Canada as a new homeland -or not.
In our globalized world and with the enshrining of multiculturalism as a fundamental value system in Canada, cherishing double or multiple identities, assuming a sense of belonging to more than one homeland, and experiencing subjective and political connections to a culture virtually, without being “anchored” in a land, have almost become mainstream. How does multiculturalism inform the perception of home land? Also, given the recent debate over The Charter of Quebec’s Values, how does the sense of belonging intersect with intercultural policies and what kind of home does it generate? Do the recent changes in the Arab World -the Arab Spring- affect Canadians’ imagined or effective sense of belonging to one or multiple countries? Are there particular characteristics of homeness as expressed in the cultural productions of Arab Canadians (in film, music, visual arts and literature)?
The Second Symposium on Arab Canadian Studies is hosted by Founders College, York University on March 5th - 6th 2014 and is co-organized by ACANS members Ratiba Hadj-Moussa and Walid El Khachab. It will consider papers in five areas of research:
1-The socio-cultural intersections of Home, belonging, citizenship and multiculturalism
2- The History of Arab Canadian immigration & diasporic communities
3- Arab Canadians in domestic & foreign policy
4- Arab Canadians: media perceptions and social challenges
5- Arab Canadian contributions in arts & culture
However, any scholarly contribution in other fields pertaining to Arab Canadian concerns is welcome.
The symposium is one of the major activities of ACANS (The Arab Canadian Research Group). Established in 2011, ACANS brings together a group of professors and independent scholars whose aim is to articulate and develop the interdisciplinary field of Arab Canadian Studies. ACANS organizes symposia, seminars and lectures to survey the existing research and produce new research about Arab Canadian issues: their contributions to the political, social, economic and cultural fields, their history, and the challenges they face in terms of their representation in media, social integration, equal opportunity access to work, to name just a few.
Please send a 200 words abstract, a title and a short bio including your affiliation to both:
Ratiba Hadj-Moussa: rhm at and Walid El Khachab : walid at
Please attach a bio-bibliography for the purpose of the SSHRC application that will be submitted by the deadline.
Deadline for submission: October 25th 2013
For more information please contact: walid at
Organizing Committee:
Walid El Khachab (York U)
Ratiba Hadj-Moussa (York U)
May Telmissany (U of Ottawa)
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