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YEDF- NGO Forum of all Palestine

Postby montada » Sat Nov 03, 2012 7:31 pm

A paper about the YEDF- NGO Forum of all Palestine

Prepared By the Official Founder and President
Elias N. J. Baboun
Bethlehem on 25-10-2012

No: 34537-2012-2013.
Dear all,
Kindly we would like to bring to your attention more about our YEDF- NGO Forum of all Palestine ( Youth Education Development Forum Association - a Non Governmental Organization Not for profit Network ), based on the local NGO law No:- ( 1 ) for the year 2000 and our last official updated bylaws of 19-07-2012, as well the labor law No:- ( 7 ) for the year 2000 with its last updates.
Please be informed that the YEDF- NGO Forum was established in the year 2010 in Bethlehem city by the main stakeholders of the youth education NGO institutions and individual education experts, currently we have 23 founders members they consist our current mailing list from both types of memberships of Youth and education institutions as well youth and education experts independent individuals to be found in the major cities in West Bank and Gaza and Jerusalem, were youth institutions can be either TVET institutions or academic ones, beside wide Varity of youth and TVET individual experts can join our YEDF-NGO Network membership, we are registered officially at the Ministry of Interior in Ramallah and our current Headquarters based in Bethlehem city of West Bank, as matter to be in the center of Palestine so we can serve the Northern and the Southern districts in an easy way as our mandate to cover all the Palestinian Territories under the registration number of BL-3352-E, and the Ministry of Education and Higher Education is our Ministry of Specialization starting from 09-09-2012, we were in a free trial pilot period in the last three years, so to give a way and a method by offering our current members as well many others a free possibility to practice really the benefits and services that the YEDF- NGO currently offer before they join us, plus to introduce them to services that the Forum intend to develop during the next fiscal year 2013, based on the suggestions and contributions of the members themselves to improve the Forum.
Originally the Forum was consist of grants makers, donors, implementing agencies, educational and developing institutions, plus any youth and educational individuals experts in the youth fields and other educational sectors in all over Palestine, were Universities, Collages, Industrial Schools, Secondary Schools, Private Sector Institutions and Companies, industry, Chambers, Elementary Schools, Kindergartens, Special Needs Institutions, Vocational Training Centers, Continuous Education Departments, Scout Troops, Youth Clubs, Sport Clubs, Cultural Clubs, Theaters, Musical Institutions, Child and Women Institutions, Health and Environment Institutions, and any youth and children related institutions or individual experts, are all welcome to fill our forms to join the YEDF- NGO Forums regardless if it were belonging to the NGO Sector or the Governmental ones.
The Main Vision of our YEDF- NGO is :- Linking all the Youth and educational institutions, as well vocational training and technical institutions with all of the production elements, by linking all of the education and youth sector with the industry and trade institutions and private sector in one coordinating network as to create a representative and coordination body, starting from grants makers and donors, implementing agencies and the educational development institutions regardless if they were local or national or international, beside private sector and economic and trade industry institutions and companies, chambers, and others, to optimize all the resources, as to reach final beneficiaries of the Palestinian youth and the Palestinian labor market.
The Main Mission of our YEDF- NGO is : - Optimizing the human and the natural and financial resources that are allocated to the youth education development sector in Palestine by using all the excess resources at the human and financial resources level, and facilities , and building and materials level, that are allocated among the YEDF- NGO members as for the benefit of the Palestinian youth and the labor market in Palestine, based on the revised national TVET strategy as well other youth sectors national strategies, with a close coordination with all the related ministries and governmental departments.
The YEDF- NGO Forum was designed to establish identical specialized committees from the Forum volunteer’s members with the same interest, to find their way to reach the needed level in the education development and vocational education and technical education, and to sustain the forum with updates that really the labor market needs as well the educational development based on the revised national TVET strategy.
The services that currently the YEDF- NGO Forum offer are:-Grants opportunities that to be found at local and international webs due to the continuous efforts of our forum and our current and future members efforts to be shared among our official network such, Awards, Scholarships, Innovations, Adventures ,Internships, Apprenticeships ,Call For Proposals, Request For Applications, Bids, Tenders, Educational Vacancies, Youth Resources, Members Institutions News, Employments Opportunities, Local and International Prizes, Local and International Exchange Programs Opportunities, were the Forum members also invited to share and contribute and send any useful contributions to be circulated among the official registered members in the forum, in a way that keeps continuous information sharing at our YEDF- NGO Network.
The Forum was also designed to have joint projects in the youth educational development sector and also at the national level, concern institutions can ask to join the YEDF- NGO Forum directly and officially by submitting all the needed forms and documents and paying the annual fees of 10 JD only for every institution or individuals to be as a permanent and complete official member to start receiving our services on a regular bases.
Due to the large running costs having a permanent headquarters, our vision arrange this in a way that our headquarters office to be hosted at one of our members building regardless if he or she were individuals or institutions for a two year renewable.
We at the YEDF- NGO Forum of all Palestine, intend to have the Ministry of Education and Higher Education in Ramallah, as a Ministry of specialization, with a deep and close coordination with the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Labor and other Youth related Ministries, were they are aware about our YEDF- NGO Forum, and we are going to have additional new members in the next coming months as we get the official registration, and here we can invite you all from both the Governmental and the Non governmental institutions that are located in West Bank and Jerusalem and Gaza or aboard, to join us at the YEDF- NGO Forum of all Palestine either as a partners or colleagues or official members..
If you still need any further information’s about us, please do not hesitate to call us any time were we will be there always ready and happy to answer you.

With all the respect.
Best Regards,
Bethlehem Current Headquarters on Thursday at the Hour 20:20.

On Behalf of the YEDF- NGO Forum of all Palestine.
The Official Founder and President
Elias N. J. Baboun
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