Letters from Gaza/ Professor Abdelwahed

Postby montada » Wed Jan 21, 2009 5:11 pm

Day 25 invasion time (Wednesday 21st January 2009)

It was an irony; they said the invasion was over; the Israeli tanks pulled back from their positions. I said, the invasion is not over yet. The invaders are still inside Gaza Strip. Redeployment does not mean withdrawal! Three summits followed to decide! Decide on what? I am not talking politics in this context, rather I am talking humanitarian! My major concern is the civilian casualties and human loses! Unfortunately, no one king, president, emir, or sultan, or country's delegation dared mentioning Israel's violation of human rights; their use of white phosphorous bombs indiscriminately against civilians and residential buildings was "not seen"!

One of the major losses comes from destroying the agricultural life! The Israelis destroyed a very wide agricultural area; it's wide as compared to the overall area of Gaza Strip. Their military bulldozers uprooted trees, destroyed greenhouses, plants, crops, water wells, irrigation systems, electric lines, and everything else in the green field, and I mean everything else around! They killed domestic animals, meat animals, and poultry too! The features of the place have changed! Even fences between pieces of land were destroyed! Even the homes of farmers were demolished! The agricultural field has turned to be as plain as the palm of my hand! Israel punished every Palestinian living in Gaza Strip! Among losses estimated, approximately 50% of the overall loses were in the field of agriculture!

In simple words, the Israeli war waged against Gaza Strip proved to be an indiscriminate punishment of everyone in Gaza Strip! It was a process of killing an upcoming generation; hundreds of infants and children were killed under rubble. Also, hundreds of women were killed in the crazy bombing of civilians homes! The Israeli justifications and pretexts were silly by all means. UN secretary visited Gaza; he was taken to see how innocent civilians live inhumanely in UNRWA schools; he went to al-Fakhoura school in Jabalia where 67 Palestinian war escapees were killed, and dozens others wounded by Israeli tanks shelling! Did he condemn Israel even with his words? So what! I really mean it; so what his visit! Three summits were held in the region without mentioning a word of condemnation of Israelis violations of human rights and war crimes!

In Gaza, people are still trying to find their dead. The first day after the ceasefire 103 dead bodies were found under rubble, then 26 other were found the following day, and search is sill under way. Whole families were wiped from the map of humanity! Now, if we speak about those who were saved and remained alive in a way r another, we would mention dozens of orphans in need of care! Who will take care of them with no facilities available and no official social program for the orphans? There is only one orphanage in Gaza Strip and it's a poor institutions depends on donations and good doers!
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Postby montada » Sat Jan 24, 2009 12:18 pm

January 25 11.25 am

Israeli army indisciminately destroyed everything they reached in Gaza. These images of the Arab Company for concrete.

The compound was consist of:

1- Interlock tile & curb-stone factory

(Construction Industries Company CIC )

2- Ready mixed concrete factory

(Al Arabia Company )

3- Main stores of big contracting company (Mushtaha & Hassouna Co. )

The capital invested in this compound : 5,000,000 $

The estimate of the destroy is 1,400,000 $
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Day one back to school in Gaza

Postby montada » Sat Jan 24, 2009 5:38 pm

January 24 6.38 pm

Day one back to school in Gaza wintessed new stories of trumatized school boys and girls! For instance, my youngest son did not want to go to school because e was scared of what e said a new Israeli attack. He wintessed the first surprise attack by F16s on the former Preventive Secutiry Department's compound. On spot five civilians -- were passing by -- died. Three of them died meters from where he was standing waiting for his school bus! Hardly I could convince him that it would be okay and school administration will devote the whole school day to playing, acting and entertaining. By the way, my son Kareem 12 years old, is the first of the honor list of his class and he loves his school and teachers! He came back with strories of other as they suffered from the invasion. Each pupile told a new story of horror; eveyone was traumatized!

My elder son Khaldoun 16 years of age, holder of American passport, came back with a story of one pupile killed in an air raid and another one injured in his hand and rushed to hspital. As soon as he arrived at the hospital, his hand mutilated. School was sad with horrendous stories as well.

Somoud 17 years old daughter. She holds American passport. She went to school after long discussion with me. I convinced her to go and see day one; it would be okay. There, she heard more maturely told stories of torture by the Israeli soldiers! As she left school walking, her classmate dugged her foot hard on the ground. The sand blazed from a sharpnel; after eight days of the Israeli withdrawl there are still white posphorous remains that may flame again under some circumistances!

Last night was my first night to sleep well after more than thrity days, but I am still worried about my children. Two of them are still unable to sleep in their beds. I will keep trying with them until they go back to normal life.
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Message from Gaza published in book from in Japanese

Postby editor » Wed Apr 08, 2009 3:10 pm

14 March 2009 Message from Gaza is published in Japanese:
Greetings from Gaza. Hope you are doing fine at all fronts, in life and at work. In Tokyo there appeared my book entitled The Message from Gaza to tell events and stories from the war time as I documented it day by day. The message consisted of an introduction about the goegraphy and history of the place, then an article on the socio-economic situation in Gaza under the Israeli cordon before the war, then daily mesages started from 27 Dec. 2008 until the Israeli fromal withdrawal from Gaza on 19 January 2009. This was followed by a chapter on aftemath. Also, the book contained 30 photos selected from 300 photos of the destruction insued. Those scripts have been translated into Japanese by Mari Oka, professor of Islamic and Middle East studies at Kyoto University, and published by Sedosha in Tokyo. The Message from Gaza was the first book to document part of the war on Gaza from inside! The book received some good attention in the Arabic media (Al-Bayan newspaper - Dubai), Al-Raya newspaper (Qatar) Al-Masaa newspaper (Morocco), Al-Haal newspaper (West Bank), and it received welcome by the electronic websited as a piece of news. Several local radio stations interviewd me for elaboration. And as expected, there was no response at all from any of the political parties though they are supposed to be defenidng the country, people and cause! Being an independent academic living in Gaza constitutes a point of strength as well as a point of weakness. I am not angry at any of those parties at all as I was writing during historical moment and for the sake of the upcoming generations; those parties were not in my mind when I was writing. Please find attached a copy of the cover page of the book.
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Postby julyaxess » Mon Jul 20, 2009 2:11 pm

A medical doctor told you that hundreds of the injured will never recover and return to normal life?? How is it?
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Theatre People Who Choose No War

Postby montada » Wed Sep 02, 2009 7:30 pm

Dear Professor Said Abdelwahed,

My name is Kumiko Shinohara. I’m a Japanese playwright and a member of
the implementation committee of a group called “Theatre People Who
Choose No War”. I’m writing this letter to ask your permission to use
part of “The Message from Gaza”, translated by Ms. Mari Oka in our
public reading for peace. This reading is not for profit, all the
participants -- playwright, director, actors, and backstage staff --
working voluntarily, and all the money from ticket sales and donations
will be contributed to Palestinian refugees.

Our group was formed in February 2003, just before the USA and UK
invasion of Iraq, to protest against it. More than 200 theatre people
in Japan approved and supported our cause. Our first reading appealed
against the invasion of Iraq and the stupidity of war, and reported
the suffering of the victims of war in the past. It was performed to a
packed house. We also sent a petition to our government not to support
the attack led by the USA, but in vain.

Nevertheless we have continued our activity since then. Our mottos are
“Never give up” and “Show solidarity with the victims of all war”. We
have done public readings of reports made by victims of war, of
unilateral attack, and of unjust violence, and we have contributed the
proceeds to the people suffering in Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine,
through NGOs working there.

We learned about the atrocity done in Gaza through “The Message from
Gaza”. We want to let more people in Japan know about it by including
an extract of your book in our public readin! g this year. We asked Mr.
Hishinuma of Seidosha, the Japanese publisher, to let us use the
Japanese language version, and he told us to ask you directly. Ms.
Mari Oka gave us your email address.

We are going to do this year’s reading on August 17th and 18th at
Space Zero, Shinjuku, Tokyo. The capacity is 600, but we will set up a
video monitor in the lobby of the theatre for more people.

Your message, written during the blackout, despite the bombings, the
fear and the harsh threat you received, has reached us in far-away
Japan and deeply moved those of us who try to build a peaceful world
through theatre. We would like, through actors’ voices, to tell the
Japanese public of the injustice happening in other parts of the
world, as people here, immersed in their own daily lives, tend to
overlook such things.

We would therefore be most grateful if you would grant us your
permission to read your words in our public reading.

Sincerely yours,

Kumiko Shinohara
Theatre People Who Choose No War
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