Flowers in Talaat Harb square for Madbouly

Flowers in Talaat Harb square for Madbouly

Postby montada » Wed Dec 10, 2008 7:46 pm

There is something I would like you to spread the word about. We have not as a constituency dependent on publishers for the production of our work done anything for the great Madbouli. I went to see the boys yesterday. They are well and sturdy and Ra'aouf is there with them, and Ashraf. These are the guys who ran the place for the Haj and who were his left and his right arm. Anyway, we or rather I had a little weeping party because it was almost as though I could see that beautifully cut, elegant and freshly pressed beige gallabeya behind the counter smiling wisely at the world. I was gald they had stayed opened all the time. I went to ask permission to leave a bunch of flowers
with a few words that would show Midan Talaat Harb that great people don't die. I approached Nachoua Al Azhary, who has many friends in the business and in the media and she said she will set up a little campaign to recruit for more flowers to be put in front of the shop where the journals used to be before the Gorvornarate of Cairo decided it was not seemly to have journals on the pavement, though that is a very attractive nook in any great city. Maybe we can convince HE Mr. Wazir to bring back the journals at least in the case of Madbouli because the very nature of the structure of the bookstore calls for it. I hope you have time to pass this message on to people you think would like to contribute. Just a few flowers left there where the papers used to be. We can start a whole tradtition in loyal remembrance of those who had been of service to our country and our great city.

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